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Đumbir superfood bar offers superfood meals with organic ingredients, as well as organic sugar-free cakes and sweets, organic drinks and cold-pressed juices without added water.

All food is prepared on the basis of organic unrefined foods without animal origin according to the principles of macrobiotic cuisine, where special attention is paid to the balance of micro and macronutrients.

salads and meals

protein quinoa salad / gluten free

quinoa, millet, iceberg, arugula, azuki beans, cherry tomatoes, corn, peppers, black olives, sesame, carrots, cold pressed sunflower oil, tamari, himalayan salt, buckwheat and quinoa meatballs;

1195 din.

mediterranean salad with organic feta / gluten free

mix of green salads, arugula, vegetable feta, walnuts, cranberries, figs, tamari, organic vinegar, cold pressed oil

890 din.

protein tofu meal / gluten free

tofu cheese, whole grain rice, lolo bionda, red pepper, broccoli, turmeric, sesame, red bean pâté, tamari sauce

990 din.

macrobiotic bowl / gluten free

a meal of red lentils, azuki beans, chard, spinach, zucchini, peppers, with the addition of homemade hummus with virgin olive oil, cauliflower, grilled zucchini, lolo bionda salad

980 din.

vegan thai curry / gluten free

vegan curry meal with vegetables, coconut milk, chickpeas, brown rice

960 din.

dish of the day

Daily healthy hot meals

/ without sprinkles, additives, white flour, hydrogenated refined oils and table salt/

* is served until 12 noon
* the menu is published weekly on Fridays for the following week

1550 din.

pasta and lasagna

pesto - alfredo pasta / gluten free

pasta made from legumes, zucchini, peppers, carrots, vegan pesto alfredo sauce

850 din.

bio lasagna made from hand-rolled integral spelled and buckwheat crusts

spelled-buckwheat with whole crust, organic sun-dried tomatoes, buckwheat and quinoa filling, vegetable cheese

790 din.

vegan warp

fit warp

integral tortillas, homemade hummus, sweet corn, peppers, carrots, purple and white cabbage, lolo blonde green salad

560 din.

burger warp

integral tortilla, bio burger made of quinoa and buckwheat, tomato, homemade hummus, lolo blond green salad

610 din.

vege burito

Integral handmade spelled and buckwheat tortillas, homemade hummus, organic tomato sauce, azuki beans, corn, chickpeas

610 din.

soups and pottages

pottage of the day /gluten free

cauliflower potage, broccoli potage, spinach potage, red lentil potage, mushroom potage, pumpkin potage, cream potato soup, pea potage, mixed vegetables, sweet potato potage, zucchini potage, quinoa and millet potage, hummus soup

390 din.

bread and pastries

gluten-free chickpea and buckwheat proya / gluten free

chickpeas, cold pressed oil, himalayan salt, tickling, sunflower;

buckwheat, cold pressed oil, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, himalayan salt

350 din.

Integral samosas / triangular pies made from hand-rolled spelled and buckwheat crusts

whole spelled and buckwheat crusts, cabbage, carrot, turmeric, Himalayan salt, spices, cold-pressed sunflower oil

490 din. /kom.

vegan toast sandwich

homemade fitness bread without yeast, hummus or guacamole sauce, lolo blonde salad, tomatoes, herbal coconut feta, sprouts

590 din. /kom.

veggie burek

from integral hand-developed spelled and buckwheat crusts, with tofu cheese, spices and seeds

510 din.


organic | gluten free | raw | soy free

organic ferrero balls

hazelnut, dates, glaze made from raw organic cocoa, cold-pressed coconut cream, organic vegetable milk

250 din. /kom.

blue protein balls

organic rice milk, dates, bananas, coconut protein, organic blue spirulina, oatmeal, organic coconut oil and coconut milk

210 din. /kom.

raw cake caramel raspberry

hazelnut, raw walnut, dates, unrefined coconut cream, raspberries, blueberries, raw organic cocoa, vanilla

530 din. /parče

raw cake choco – moko

hazelnut, cashew, dates, unrefined coconut cream

530 din. /parče

organic chocolate avocado mousse / gluten free

avocado, raw organic cocoa, dates, bananas, organic rice milk

490 din.

butter biscuit

oatmeal, unrefined peanut butter, dates, raw coconut cream

320 din.

chia waffle with homemade organic Nutella

oatmeal, chia seeds, raw cocoa, banana, dates, raw organic cocoa, organic rice milk

520 din.

Gluten-free pancakes

from whole bran with homemade organic Nutella dressing without sugar or with homemade raspberry jam

520 din.


organic chocolate nougat cake / gluten free

raw organic cocoa, dates, crunchy slivered almonds, unrefined coconut oil, organic rice milk

420 din.

organic protein porridge with raspberries

oatmeal, coconut protein, raspberries, bananas, organic rice milk

470 din.

autumn cake with almonds and cinnamon / gluten free

almond, cashew, raw cocoa, ceylon cinnamon, unrefined coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, cloves, organic rice malt

510 din.

cold-pressed juices

– without added water –

imuno clasic elixir

apple, carrot. beets, ginger

390 din.

antioxidant ginger

apple, orange, carrot, ginger

390 din.


pineapple, kiwi, apple, zucchini, spinach

390 din.

aloe green detox

chard, aloe, orange, apple, lemon

390 din.

anticellulite detox

basil, lemon, orange, apple, ginger

390 din.

superfood limunade

ginger lemonade

lemon, water, cucumber, organic ginger, goji berries

350 din.


| organic |

organic brain boost smoothie

walnuts, apples, pears, zucchini, vegetable milk (almond or rice), fresh dates, organic rice milk

450 din.

glow skin smoothie

mango, bananas, spinach, almonds, fresh dates, organic rice milk

450 din.

organic shakes

| organic |

organic protein shake

acorn protein powder, bananas, organic rice milk, hazelnut butter

450 din.

organic blue protein shake

blue spirulina, bananas, raw dates, organic rice milk

450 din.

coffee and tea

organic espresso

supplement with organic vegetable milk – soy free (20rsd)

250 din. / 320 din.

organic protein acorn "coffee"

acorn powder, organic vegetable milk, organic coconut sugar

380 din.

organic cold or hot chocolate

raw organic cocoa, organic plant milk, maple syrup or erythritol

520 din.

Selection of organic teas

250 din.

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