Detox program

đumbir superfood bar menu is a fusion of healthy and delicious food and is open with the aim to inspire even the biggest gourmets to give a chance to plant foods and to realize that it can be tastier as well as for everyone who is on a special diet (without milk, eggs , gluten, sugar, or raw foods) provide the opportunity to choose the right meals from a diverse range.

On the menu, you can find healthy and delicious salad meals, proteus meals, healthy sandwiches, protein shakes and cashews, sugar-free cakes, cold squeezed juices, integral pastas, bio lasagna, vegan burgers and kabobs, as well as daily meals.

besides the standard menu, special meals of complete vegetable food as well as a complete detox program, including special raw dehydrated meals, cold squeezed juices and a salad meal with foods are prepared for the clients under the baton of nevena veselinovic, a decade-long macrobiotics practitioner and a well-known expert in the field of whole plant nutrition. from the category “superfoods”.

for individual detox menu and special program for cleaning of heavy metals and parasites schedule consultations with the nutritionist of the plant nutrition by calling the order number

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